Master's Thesis Course at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering


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Guidelines for Thesis proposals
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Useful resources for thesis writing
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Course plans for Master's Thesis
For students at Chalmers
DATX05 - Master's thesis in Computer science and engineering, 30 hec
DATX60 - Master's thesis in Computer science and engineering, 60 hec

For students at University of Gothenburg

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Registration form Chalmers This form was updated on March 16, 2015. Make sure you get the new version. (Empty cache if necessary).

Cover Pages
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Master's thesis Work Card
Work Card

Link to the Chalmers Agreement on Electronic Publishing in Chalmers Publication Library (CPL)

Link to agreement on publishing in Gothenburg University Publications Electronic Archive (GUPEA)

Records of Grading
Records of Grading

Request a Work Place
Requesting a Work Place