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Find a Project and Get Started!
Deadlines for Proposals

Find a Project!

Project suggestions for master's theses should be identified by the students and coordinated with the program responsible. The proposals can be
found externally, in the industry or other organizations, or internally within the department. Projects can be found through earlier contacts,
or by approaching companies or reserach groups.

Many companies publish master's thesis proposals on their web pages, proposals from the industry can also be found via the link below. Industrial proposals
often lack research aspects of the problem at hand, such as problem definition and related literature. Note that you need to write your own project proposal
according to the department standards, and that it should fulfil all demands when it comes to academic and research aspects.

Project proposals can also be found within the department. You will find some of these proposals listed below. If you talk to a member of the department faculty
who are involved in the field of your interest the might also have proposals. If you have an idea of the field you would like to do your master's thesis in, but
you have no finished proposal, you can also contact a member of the faculty who is working on those topics and try to work out a proposal.

Proposals from the Industry

Proposals from the Department

Get Started!

The steps you have to take to apply to start your master's thesis project are:

  • Make sure that you have fulfilled the required prerequisites
  • Find a project for the master's thesis
  • Make a description of the proposed project.
    • The description must be detailed enough for the department to evaluate the proposal. It is not enough to send in a proposal supplied
      by for example a company, you need to add the academic parts.
    • The proposal needs to indicate which of the courses from the master's program that are relevant for the project.
    • The proposal must include a clear problem motivation, a scientific problem definition, references to the key and most closely related
      high-quality literature in the area, and a well-explained description of how the thesis work will contribute to the knowledge of the area
      with respect to that literature
  • You can use the template found under "Guidelines for Thesis Proposal" here: Forms and Links for your proposal.
  • Download and fill in the registration form (University of Gothenburg or Chalmers), found here Forms and Links.
  • Submit the proposal and the registration form(s) to the master's thesis coordinator for approval before the deadline set in each study period,
    the deadlines are given in the ACCEPTANCE FLOW section.
    Send it all in one mail to keep it together as one proposal
  • Beginning in the fall of 2014, the proposals will only be processed at one time in each study period and this will take place shortly after
    the set deadline for that period.
  • On approval the project group will be assigned an examiner and an academic supervisor at the department and the project will be registered in Ladok.
    To make the process smoother you can talk to a presumptive examiner and/or supervisor before you send in the papers.
  • The master's thesis coordinator informs the student(s) of the approval, the assigned examiner and academic supervisor.

Deadline for Master's Thesis proposals

The proposal must be submitted before the deadline given in each study period, or it will be put on hold until the next period.
The deadlines for the study year 2015-2016 are:

Sunday 23 August
Sunday 25 October
Sunday 24 January
Monday 28 March