Master's Thesis Course at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering


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Acceptance Flow

This is the expected flow from the time the student(s) has found a suitable project for his/her/their master's thesis to the registration of the project:

  • The student(s) submits the proposal and the registration form(s) to the master's thesis coordinator.
    The registration form that must be used can be downloaded from:
    Forms and links
    (To work properly the form should be filled using Acrobat or Acrobat Reader and no other tool since most of these tools donīt support PDF forms.)

  • The proposal must be submitted before the deadline given in each study period or it will be put on hold until the next period.
    The deadlines are found at the bottom of the Get started! page.

  • The proposals will be processed only once each study period shortly after the set deadline.

  • The master's thesis coordinator makes sure that the student(s) has(have) the required number of hec to start the thesis work.

  • The proposal is handed over to the director of the relevant master's program for approval. The director decides whether the proposal is for a subject that fits
    within the master's program at hand and if it reaches the required standard of scientific quality. If two students from different programs are planning to work
    together both program directors need to decide on this.

  • After this initial approval the programme director appoints an examiner or makes sure that this is done on his/her behalf by delegation.

  • In the same way a supervisor will be appointed at the division. The examiner and the supervisor should not be the same person.

  • The examiner checks that the student(s) has(have) taken the relevant courses to be able to accomplish the project.

  • The programme director and the examiner will also check that the proposal addresses the scientific issues stated on the Get started! page. Once again this
    might need revision of the proposal or it may lead to rejection of the proposal. Only after this has been carefully checked the final approval may be given.

  • After approval the examiner hands the papers back to the master's thesis coordinator.

  • The master's coordinator hands the papers over to the Student Office for final registration in Ladok.

  • The master's coordinator notifies the student(s) of the approval and of their assigned examiner and supervisor.