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What is the Master's Thesis?

The master's thesis is a final, vital part of your Master of Science program, and is intended to provide you with the possibility to show
your ability to integrate the knowledge from your education in individual, scientifically oriented work. The thesis is supposed to allow
you to gain a deeper knowledge of the subject at hand and to synthesize what you have learnt within your master's program. It should also give
an insight of the working processes used in the society at large and often within a company, public organizations or academic institutes.

The thesis work is done as an independent project at the end of your education, single-handed or in pairs. The department reserves itself
a right to terminate the thesis project if a student is inactive for more than 3 months without a prior written consent from the supervisor, or
if the progress or quality of the thesis project does not correspond to the department’s standards.

There are two levels for the master's thesis, 30 hec and 60 hec:

1.The 30 hec master's thesis is standard. The work is conducted at a company, an institution or within the department. The work is conducted
individually or in groups of not more than two students. The project is scheduled to last for approximately 20 weeks.

2.The 60 hec master's thesis is of a more advanced type and is intended for the most advanced students – it is also somewhat of an exception.
The project lasts 40 weeks rather than 20, and must demonstrate significantly higher scientific achievements. This kind of master's thesis should be
conducted in close contact with one of the research groups at the department and should in most cases take place within one of these groups although
an external company might also be involved. Past experience shows that this kind of work is best suited for those who aim at future PhD studies.

Criteria to evaluate your thesis work:

Criteria to evaluate your thesis work are given in the Chalmers document
Guidelines for assessing the quality of degree projects under Chalmers' Civilingenjör, Master of Architecture & Master of Science Programmes

Useful resources for your thesis work:

Collection of General guides, Grammar/language proficiency, and Language support links that you may find useful in your thesis work.
Potentially useful resources.